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Blackbird.AI is fighting the war against Misinformation.

We are currently witnessing the rise of a Weaponized A.I. Propaganda Machine. An organized network of parties generating fake news have build an ever growing arsenal of tools in their A.I and computation based propaganda machine that are light years ahead governments or any one private company today. These tools are targeting people individually to recruit them to an idea. This is a level of social engineering that has never been seen before and designed to capture people and keep them on an emotional leash and never letting them go.

Such methods have been used in some form or another for decades, but we are now seeing the perfect storm of technology cost reduction and new low cost big reach platforms of reach supercharging these systems of control in ways that were unimaginable even five years ago. Today big data surveillance has paired up with computational psychology, automated engagement scripts that prey on your emotions, a propaganda network formed between the most popular websites on the internet and a highly tuned army of  bots that police and support these narratives within those networks.

Blackbird.AI provides the tools, platform and API to identify misinformation for journalists, media organizations, concerned citizens and brands.

Our technology combines Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and crowdsourcing to help better understand misinformation. Our patent-pending technologies including our “ClaimChain” and “Credibility Engine” which coordinate A.I. and crowdsourced human contributors to submit, classify and annotate content to blockchain for traceability and transparency. We also help organizations visualize the temporal evolution of disinformation and how false narratives spread.