A.I. for Risk Management

Real Time Multi-Platform

Anomaly Detection & Insight

Blackbird.AI is an Artificial Intelligence Driven Social Media Intelligence product that helps police departments, public safety personnel, Emergency Command Centers and Search and Rescue centers to listen to live social media streams to understand safety risks and dangerous situations within communities. We map the location of where events of interest or concern are and make it easy for analysts to respond to a variety of incidents as picked up across social media. These include incidents like Shootings, Terrorism and Natural Disasters.

Machine Learning Driven

Billions of conversations analyzed to understand and classify subtle language cues.

Multi – Platform

Data from social media platforms, web scraping, deep web analysis, camera networks and more.

Real Time Anomaly Detection

Comparative Analysis via Neural Networks detect events that are out of the ordinary in order to surface rapidly.

Intuitive Design

User Interface Design with input from FBI & CIA analysts.

Under The Hood

Conceptual A.I.

Our Machine Learning algorithms understand "concepts". Our A.I. knows that shooting a gun and shooting photos are very different things when it matters the most.


Our Classifiers use Deep Learning to understand ranging from Violence and Shooting to Affluence and Traffic Accidents. Classifers are trained by cross-analysts to "think" like a person might.

Entity Extraction

Is everyone talking about a murder, or did Jon Snow just kill someone on Game of Thrones? With entity extraction from pop culture including movies, TV shows and music, we can figure out the difference between danger and water cooler conversation.

Real News

Breaking News from accredited news networks is still the information source for thinking people. We analyze headlines, content and entities within stories and correlate it with first person accounts from social media for 360 snapshots of time and place.

Deep Web

Bad guys don't post all their mis-deeds on Twitter or Facebook. Social Platforms are for third party accounts. The Deep Web is the rocks we look under to see what crawlers and APIs miss.

Sentiment Analysis

By scoring what words and word phrases mean, we can discern the positive and negative emotions of a single post, an area or an entire city or the change in sentiment across geographical locations.

During Hurricane Harvey, Blackbird.AI was used to provide first responders with critical information during a rapidly changing and volatile event. Speaking here about how Blackbird.AI helped during Hurricane Harvey is Constable Ryan Gable who leads Precinct 3 and was voted Best Constable in Texas for 2016.

Constable Ryan Gable
Constable of the Year 2016 - Texas

Case Study

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Blackbird.AI was deployed in an Emergency Operations Center for the duration of the event. Over the course of the week, Blackbird.AI helped EOS teams with the following.

Search & Rescue

Officers were able to identify flooded areas prior to sending teams.

Call for Help

911 was often busy and social posts that were cries for help were picked up.


Multiple fires were monitored in real time from different vantage points.

Fake News

We identified misinformation in the form of fake tweets creating a narrative of BLM members looting Harvey victims. This was false.