Our mission is to help news organizations, governments and citizens by making the truth more accessible through advanced APIs and user-friendly products.

We are building a real-time misinformation analysis platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to assign Credibility Labels to content at scale.

The Blackbird.AI Platform aims to help reverse the effects of misinformation.

We Are Being Manipulated

Propaganda is being created and spread worldwide on popular social media platforms. The intention is to weaken Democracies through deception and division. In the USA, foreign governments have created infighting among targeted groups over issues of Black culture, feminism, gender, religion, sexual orientation and gun control. Others impersonate news outlets and journalists in the hopes of heightening distrust among target audiences. The goal of misinfo is simply to increase division and stoke resentment between parties.

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Who We Can Help


Tools that help journalists analyze content for misinformation


Tools focusing on countervailing foreign interference operations


API designed to integrate easily with any platform or research activity


News aggregation with Credibility Label


Analytics to track and thwart political misinformation


Analytics to track and thwart brand misinformation


Award Winning Technology

Our team took first place at IBM Watson’s Hackathon in NYC. We were honored to have achieved this with so many teams competing