Deception Detection
for the Information Age

Deception Detection
for the Information Age

Take back control of your narratives from the manipulators.
Supercharge your business intelligence and insights with advanced AI powered systems.
Respond decisively to new threats before it escalates to a crisis.

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Our automated pre-escalation warning system detects influence campaigns and harmful emergent conversations that seek to manipulate audiences, shift perceptions and create adversarial conflict.


Monitor narratives and disinformation involving all aspects of your organization, and filter through inorganic content to gain genuine insights from your customers.


Support journalists and media organizations with the ability to see drivers of misinformation beneath every story. Enabling unobjective perspectives for responsible reporting.


Identify and counter foreign influence operations and manage disinformation threats effectively using real-time alerts and in-depth analysis reports.


Identify key threats, prioritize efforts and gain insights into risk exposure across clients and industries, minimizing crisis management situations.


Analyze individual pieces of content for misinformation signals in real-time, highlighting the risk and level of credibility across your platform.


API designed to integrate easily with platforms such as AdTech or News Aggregators to support media research.

Our Solutions

Our proprietary AI platform tackles new and growing threats in the information ecosystem. Blackbird.AI provides users with leading-edge tools to monitor disinformation threats and gain actionable intelligence, enabling new avenues of information defense. Our platform looks far beyond traditional indicators such as volume, engagement, and sentiment to provide the tools organizations need to battle harmful emergent conversations and the new category of threat actors that power them.

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Receive real-time alerts on threats and changes directly on your devices, monitored 24/7 across key channels.


Study a snapshot overview or deep-dive into leading insights to gain clear understanding of your situation and key areas that require attention.


Disseminate supportive findings to your relevant functional teams and flag content to minimise the spread of false information.

Is Disinformation The New Normal?

Propaganda is being spread worldwide on popular social media platforms designed to weaken societal, economic and reputation through deception and division. Around the world, hostile nation-states, special interest groups and amatuer anarchists have upended elections, damaged corporate and personal reputations and weakened the social fabric of communities.Threat actors create bot networks, impersonate news outlets and generate synthetic public outcry to create distrust among target audiences. The goal of disinformation is to create confusion and division. In order to mitigate disinformation, you must be able to Detect, Measure and Mitigate.