Disinformation manipulates the public and damages trust in institutions.
Blackbird is the early warning platform against information warfare. We analyze content using machine learning and human intelligence to help customers understand harmful digital attacks.
Narratives that can damage reputations in an instant are surfaced, along with targeted people, places, and concepts.
Blackbird provides an early-warning system to help customers understand connections across platforms to give them a deeper understanding of their exposure.

We help brands and governments by providing the ability to understand harmful content and propaganda that can sway public opinion, damage reputation and harm democracies.

Our proprietary disinformation analysis platform uses machine learning to assign contextual meaning to harmful digital content to detect bots, coordinated attack campaigns and the origin of conspiracies.

Our platform ingests content and reveals context driven insights that can understand nuances such as toxic language and highly polarized conversations.

We Are Being Manipulated

Propaganda is being spread worldwide on popular social media platforms designed to weaken societal, economic and reputation through deception and division. Around the world, hostile nation-states, special interest groups and amatuer anarchists have upended elections, damaged corporate and personal reputations and weakened the social fabric of communities.Threat actors create bot networks, impersonate news outlets and generate synthetic public outcry to create distrust among target audiences. The goal of disinformation is to create confusion and division. In order to mitigate disinformation, you must be able to Detect, Measure and Mitigate.

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Who We Can Help


Tracking emergent disinformation for brands & sectors


Tools focusing on countervailing foreign influence operations


API designed to integrate easily with any platform or research activity


News aggregation with Credibility Label


Analytics to track and thwart political disinformation


Tools that help journalists analyze content for disinformation