NEW YORK – July 2019 -Bots, trolls and enemies of truth beware – the fight against misinformation has a new ally. Former Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Michael Hermus, has teamed up with the technology gurus at Blackbird.AI to join the fight.

The volume (and effectiveness) of today’s misinformation requires next-generation solutions to identify, contextualize and reveal it – so that citizens can regain their confidence in what they see and read. Blackbird.AI has developed sophisticated analysis tools, leveraging the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques, to help consumers and organizations uncover the truth.

Mr. Hermus’ experience within the U.S. government was focused on driving innovation and transformation initiatives, primarily through the application of modern technologies and commercial best-practices. This included efforts to enhance cybersecurity, drive to the cloud, leverage emerging technologies such as AI/ML, and adopt modern software development techniques.