Compass By Blackbird.AI Points You To A Balanced Context In The Information Overload Age

Today, we are launching Compass by Blackbird.AI, which is designed to help you navigate the complex terrain of misinformation, disinformation, and narrative manipulation. We’re launching on February 14th, on Valentine’s Day, for our love of the mission, the journey, and the camaraderie our mission represents.

In today’s digital landscape, where disinformation, narratives, and counter-narratives flood our screens, discerning the context behind the information we consume is more challenging than ever. At Blackbird.AI, our mission is to foster trust, safety, and integrity, and until today, we have done this with Global 2000 companies. Still, it has been our dream since inception to launch a product that empowers anyone to navigate the endless streams of conflicting content that bombard us all with confidence and clarity. That North Star becomes a reality today with the introduction of Compass by Blackbird.AI.

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“Think of Compass by Blackbird.AI as the ultimate navigator that acts as a context layer for the internet, mapping the contours of a complex terrain. Submit a claim, article, post, meme, or even video, and you get back a comprehensive, multi-dimensional perspective complete with sources. It's like having a guide which enables you to traverse the information ecosystem with newfound speed and understanding.
  • Wasim Khaled, Co-Founder and CEO of Blackbird.AI

The 2024 Global Risks Report by the World Economic Forum highlights the challenge of online misinformation and disinformation as a critical concern. Amidst this backdrop of uncertainty, and with global and societal debates on the horizon, the demand for a product that can provide comprehensive context has never been greater. 

Powered by the RAV3N Risk LLM, Compass by Blackbird.AI automatically generates lucid, evidence-based answers from reliable sources in an easy-to-read summarized form that will help clarify any claim. With elections in 40+ countries, including the US, and two active wars, where information war is as important as kinetic war, we are all overwhelmed with information and must figure out what to make of it. We need to pay attention to that information or become misinformed daily, which leads to harmful decisions. Compass by Blackbird.AI helps us make better decisions by adding context to online claims.
  • Naushad UzZaman, Co-Founder and CTO of Blackbird.AI

Compass by Blackbird.AI: Empowering Your Information Journey

In-depth Contextual Analysis: Navigate through the nuances of complex and debated claims with thorough checks across an expansive array of sources, delivering nuanced responses swiftly and accurately.

Versatile Content Analysis: Contextualize various content types, from writing out your questions and claims to articles, posts, videos, and memes.

Simplicity by Design: Enjoy the ease of receiving nuanced, relevant, and enlightening summary responses, all easily accessible and enriched with comprehensive citations and sources.

As we navigate significant global events, from elections to conflicts where narratives play a pivotal role in decision-making, the flood of information can lead to overload and confusion. Compass by Blackbird.AI is here to enhance your ability to understand and engage with the information ecosystem more effectively, fostering a space for balanced exploration and discourse.

Compass by Blackbird.AI is your ally in pursuing a balanced context and enriched understanding in the digital age. Welcome to a new chapter in enhancing how we interact and understand the information ecosystem.

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Wasim Khaled and Naushad UzZaman
BLACKBIRD.AI protects organizations from narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation that cause financial and reputational harm. Powered by our AI-driven proprietary technology, including the Constellation narrative intelligence platform, RAV3N Risk LMM, Narrative Feed, and our RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team, Blackbird.AI provides a disruptive shift in how organizations can protect themselves from what the World Economic Forum called the #1 global risk in 2024.