Misinformation and disinformation are now the top global risk, according to the World Economic Forum's 2024 Global Risk Report. These harmful narratives cost organizations over $78 billion annually in damages and can spiral out of control if left unchecked. 

Blackbird.AI — the leader in narrative risk intelligence — has launched Narrative Feed powered by the RAV3N Risk LLM to combat this growing threat. These offerings build on Blackbird.AI’s existing Constellation narrative intelligence platform and services to provide organizations with an end-to-end solution for identifying and responding to emerging narrative attacks.

The World Wakes Up to the Risks of Misinformation and Disinformation

Blackbird.AI has been creating awareness with private and public sector leaders about the dangers of viral disinformation and weaponized narratives since 2017. As a pioneer in narrative intelligence, Blackbird.AI develops advanced AI to track how harmful narratives spread online, quantify their impact, and generate actionable insights to mitigate them. 

Leaders across the enteprise and public sector space is beginning to understand the risk and exposure present in narrative attacks and coordinated influence campaigns and that the only way to mitgate is through advanced technology. The World Economic Forum placed digital misinformation and disinformation at the top of its list of pressing global concerns in its 2024 Risk Report — a dramatic shift from past years when climate change and pandemics took precedence.

But for Blackbird.AI’s CEO, Wasim Khaled, the broader recognition of this problem is no surprise. “Since our founding in 2017, we’ve warned that disinformation would become an existential threat on par with other global risks,” says Khaled. “The past few years' events — from election interference to public health misinformation and disinformation — have unfortunately proven us right.”

The high-profile hearings over social media’s role in spreading misinformation and disinformation have thrust the issue into the spotlight. But Blackbird.AI wants companies to recognize that disinformation isn’t just a public policy problem but an urgent business risk that demands concrete solutions. 

“Harmful narratives don’t only happen as a result of unplanned virality anymore, but often as coordinated attacks. Narrative attacks directly target brands, manipulate markets, and undermine public trust in institutions,” explains Khaled. “Every organization needs intelligent systems to identify emerging narrative threats and equip leaders with the insights to respond strategically.”

Enabling the Narrative Feed module in Blackbird’s Constellation Platform significantly elevates customer capabilities. This innovative multilingual AI-driven technology analyzes various data sources, including social media, dark web, memes, news media, and other web content. It identifies high-risk narratives and ranks them using Blackbird.AI’s Narrative Risk Score (NRS), a metric based on hundreds of risk signals that customers can tailor to their risk profiles. The result is a continuous and insightful summary of harmful narratives that impact an organization, highlighting elements including cohort activities, bot network manipulation, and key influencers.

This integration streamlines the narrative risk analysis process and enhances the overall functionality of Constellation, our proprietary narrative intelligence and analysis platform. Users can now leverage Narrative Feed for more effective narrative discovery and refinement, facilitating a deeper understanding of the online dynamics impacting their organization. Furthermore, the RAV3N Risk LLM, which powers the Narrative Feed tool, simplifies the reporting process, allowing for quick and efficient sharing of insights with executive teams.

The Automated Narrative Feed Identifies Attacks in Real-Time

While the Risk LLM acts as Blackbird.AI’s AI brain trust, the new automated Narrative Feed delivers critical alerts to front-line users. 

This intelligent feed monitors the torrent of online narratives, using risk scoring and multi-signal analysis to surface the most relevant threats. It acts like a personalized narrative feed that keeps users apprised of attacks targeting their organization.

“Timely threat identification is critical for effective response, but analysts can easily get overwhelmed by sifting through the noise,” says UzZaman. “The Narrative Feed cuts through the clutter to notify users of priority risks emerging in near real-time.”

The automated Narrative Feed summarizes the most harmful narratives, quantifies their traction, reveals key drivers, and highlights critical dynamics users should know. This enables organizations to investigate threats quickly, determine appropriate responses, and brief leadership.  

Some key features include:

  • Personalized narrative feeds based on the organization, keywords, risk factors, and other parameters
  • Narrative risk scoring using Blackbird.AI’s multi-signal analysis framework 
  • Summaries of key storylines, manipulation, influential actors, and network patterns
  • Comparison of trends across periods
  • Notifications when priority threats emerge or spike  
  • Easy export to share findings across teams and with executives

“The feed transforms raw data into actionable and accessible intelligence for users at any level,” says UzZaman. “It’s like having your personalized news channel attuned to risks that could impact your business or reputation.”

The RAV3N Risk LLM and automated Narrative Feed augment Blackbird.AI’s existing Narrative Intelligence Platform, called Constellation, which applies AI and advanced analytics to massive data sets to uncover hidden patterns and insights. 

Next-Generation Language Model Targets Narrative Risk 

RAV3N Risk LLM stands out from generic language models because of its tight focus on analyzing high-risk narratives rather than just generating text, blending the nuances of Blackbirds Constellation Platform’s risk signals with summarization and narrative risk ranking into an easy-to-read feed. 

“RAV3N Risk LLM represents a significant leap forward in narrative and risk intelligence. By integrating multilingual and multimodal capabilities, we're not just analyzing data; we deeply understand the context and nuances of global narratives,” explains Blackbird.AI’s CTO, Dr. Naushad UzZaman. “We built the RAV3N Risk LLM from the ground up to understand how narratives emerge and spread, equipping it with advanced reasoning capabilities aligned to this task. This enables the system to track the evolution of narratives across various languages and platforms and discern their potential impact and underlying intent.”

The RAV3N Risk LLM Can:

  • Deliver enhanced contextual understanding of narrative conversations
  • Detect subtle signals of coordinated disinformation campaigns and misleading rhetoric
  • Analyze complex relationships between actors, concepts, and narratives  
  • Quantify narrative traction and virality potential using predictive analytics
  • Generate data visualizations to illustrate key patterns and dynamics 
  • Synthesize insights into actionable recommendations to contain threats
  • Produce customized reports tailored to different leadership personas and use cases

These specialized functions allow organizations to leverage the RAV3N Risk LLM across various applications — from competitive intelligence to issues monitoring, crisis response to reputation management, security analytics, and strategic communications.

“Narrative intelligence is a new frontier that demands capabilities beyond what off-the-shelf LLMs can offer,” says UzZaman. “RAV3N Risk LLM is purpose-built for this complex and consequential challenge.”

Constellation detects emergent narratives and analyzes their traction using five distinct signals:

  • Narratives: The storylines and rhetoric taking shape around topics
  • Networks: How information flows between actors and concepts
  • Cohorts: The online communities driving certain narratives
  • Anomalies: Evidence of manipulation like bot activity 
  • Influence: The sway of accounts based on trust and reach

By examining millions of data points through this multi-signal lens, Constellation can identify “blind spots” that other tools miss. It surfaces critical context to determine appropriate responses targeting root causes — not just symptoms. 

Blackbird.AI also offers additional services like RAV3N Copilot, an AI assistant for automated narrative briefing generation, and an expert research team called RAV3N that publishes reports on major narrative threats.

“You can’t fight disinformation without first understanding how threats emerge and spread,” explains Khaled. “Blackbird.AI arms organizations with this intelligence to respond decisively before a viral narrative spirals out of control.”

The Antidote to “Distributed Denial of Trust”

In an era where online narratives directly impact markets, politics, and society, Blackbird.AI believes trusted institutions must take responsibility for fostering digital trust and countering the purveyors of disinformation. 

“Harmful narratives that undermine science, democracy, and truth pose an existential threat to the informational foundations of our world,” warns Khaled. “If left unchecked, we risk ending up with a distributed denial of trust across every sector.”

But Blackbird.AI aims to stop this downward slide by giving organizations an edge over those seeking to manipulate narratives for gain. 

“Disinformation is everyone’s problem. But it hits organizations directly in the bottom line through reputational damage and loss of stakeholder trust,” says Khaled. “Blackbird equips private and public sector organizations with the intelligence to empower stakeholders against misleading narratives that can erode trust and damage the organization's integrity. 

Learn more about how Blackbird.AI can power your organization’s fight against disinformation.

BLACKBIRD.AI protects organizations from narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation that cause financial and reputational harm. Powered by our AI-driven proprietary technology, including the Constellation narrative intelligence platform, RAV3N Risk LMM, Narrative Feed, and our RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team, Blackbird.AI provides a disruptive shift in how organizations can protect themselves from what the World Economic Forum called the #1 global risk in 2024.