At the end of 2023, executive team members from Blackbird.AI were invited to speak to the National Security Council at the White House about the growing danger of narrative attacks, disinformation, and misinformation that cause financial, reputational, and societal harm. This visit underscores Blackbird’s pivotal role in enhancing trust, safety, and integrity across the information ecosystem. It also emphasizes policymakers’ desire to find technological solutions that address the scale and urgency of the problem.

During our visit, we discussed the strengths of our team and technology, and we demonstrated how Constellation, our AI-driven narrative intelligence platform, helps organizations identify and analyze harmful narratives in more than 25+  languages across various digital platforms, including social media, the dark web, news, and more. It detects and analyzes narratives and their propagation, revealing information flow patterns, like-minded communities, and inorganic behavior that might amplify or dampen a narrative's spread. It also measures the impact of various actors in driving narratives, using high-speed data ingestion AI-powered narrative discovery that uncovers hidden threats, enabling strategic decision-making when these attacks scale and turn harmful.

Image: Blackbird.AI co-founders, CTO Naushad UzZaman (left) and CEO Wasim Khaled (right)

The RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team comprises AI, data science, behavior psychology, threat intelligence, journalism, and national security experts. Their mission is to identify and publish data-driven, evidence-based narratives that impact organizations negatively, focusing on defending information integrity and combating narrative-based risk.

Our artificial intelligence and narrative detection technologies can help organizations protect against:

Cyber Attack Narratives: Examine the rapid spread of harmful narratives following a cyber breach, real or fake. These narratives can significantly amplify the financial and reputational damage to organizations, making monitoring and addressing them crucial.

Geopolitical Risk Narratives: Understand the need to identify and respond to narratives influenced by global events and geopolitical risks. These narratives can directly impact the organization's operations, employees, customers, and infrastructure.

Financial Market Risk Narratives: Discover the rapid spread of harmful narratives about financial institutions' vulnerabilities. These narratives can increase pressure on these institutions, affecting their stability and that of their customers and investors.

Insider Threat Narratives: Focus on the risks posed by internal sources who may unintentionally or intentionally share sensitive information. This can severely impact the organization's intellectual property and overall integrity.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing Risk Narratives: Emphasize the importance of understanding narratives around supply chain disruptions and manufacturing risks, which can significantly affect an organization's operations and reputation.

Stock Manipulation Narratives: Know how social media and other online platforms can be exploited for stock manipulation. This involves synthetic amplification and false representation influencing stock prices and market perceptions.

Image: Blackbird.AI team members left to right, Daniel Gonzalez, Naushad UzZaman, Wasim Khaled, Radhika Shah-Meade

Blackbird.AI’s Journey 

Blackbird.AI's contributions are pivotal in shaping the future of narrative intelligence and risk management. By offering an advanced, AI-driven solution to detect narrative attacks powered by misinformation and disinformation, we not only aid organizations in safeguarding their interests but also play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of digital information landscapes. As the digital world evolves, the importance of such platforms in ensuring informed and factual public discourse cannot be overstated.

Blackbird.AI's story is one of relentless innovation. Our team has been dedicated to fostering a more informed and transparent world. Blackbird.AI has scaled steadily since its inception in 2014. Key milestones in our history include detecting misinformation during Hurricane Harvey, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Blackbird.AI's technological expansion includes developing advanced AI tools for narrative intelligence, securing significant investments for the company to grow and scale, establishing global partnerships, and showcasing its growth and adaptation in the rapidly evolving field of online information integrity.

Our first session at the White House sets the stage for an even more ambitious year ahead. It's a reminder of the impact a mission-driven team can make in combating emerging digital threats. 

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Wasim Khaled
BLACKBIRD.AI protects organizations from narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation that cause financial and reputational harm. Powered by our AI-driven proprietary technology, including the Constellation narrative intelligence platform, RAV3N Risk LMM, Narrative Feed, and our RAV3N Narrative Intelligence and Research Team, Blackbird.AI provides a disruptive shift in how organizations can protect themselves from what the World Economic Forum called the #1 global risk in 2024.