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Illuminating narrative attacks

Blackbird.AI's Narrative Feed illuminates narrative attacks created by misinformation and disinformation, arming organizations with the narrative intelligence required to protect against financial and reputational harm.

Blackbird.AI's Narrative Feed enables organizations to:

  • Gain real-time access to narratives about their organization, sector, or a specific incident.
  • Quickly summarizes organizational risk, including cohorts driving the narrative, manipulation in the narrative by bot networks, and the influencers behind the narrative.
  • Save analysts significant time and makes data and reporting seamless for executives and non-analyst personas.
  • Provide a default risk score that prioritizes threats based on the context of narrative attacks.

Blackbird.AI identifies three core phases:

  • NARRATIVE DISCOVERY helps users leverage the Narrative Feed to understand better the online battles that impact their organization.
  • NARRATIVE REFINEMENT empowers teams to capture exactly the data of interest to them, enabling deeper analysis.
  • RAV3N COPILOT AUTOMATED REPORTING saves analysts significant time by making it easy to share and present findings to executive teams.