New York, New York, February 20, 2023.  – Blackbird.AI, a global leader in providing AI driven Narrative & Risk Intelligence, is pleased to announce RAV3N Copilot, a generative AI powered solution for Narrative Intelligence and Rapid Risk Reporting that enables unparalleled workflow automation during mission-critical crisis scenarios.  

RAV3N goes beyond measurement. With its introduction, the unparalleled insights surfaced by Blackbird's Constellation Platform can be directly utilized to auto-generate executive briefings, key findings and even mitigation steps, freeing up teams to focus their time on leveraging their subject matter expertise. RAV3N's Collaboration Mode enables users to combine their knowledge with RAV3N's capabilities, streamlining the creation of data-driven action plans through an AI-assisted collaborative workflow.

"RAV3N Copilot will become a transformative must-have for corporate and threat intelligence professionals, force-multiplying their talents and enabling them to get more done in critical, time-sensitive scenarios than ever before," said Wasim Khaled, CEO of Blackbird. "While our Constellation Platform empowers rapid surfacing of previously unseen risks with high fidelity and speed, RAV3N Copilot automates the last mile of distilling insights and mitigation so strategic decisions can be made rapidly when every second counts.

The RAV3N Copilot accelerates reporting and strategic briefs, saving time and effort for execution in critical scenarios. Benefits include:

Executive Briefing
Quickly encapsulate narratives with daily risk intelligence summaries, providing real-time insights on the things that matter most to strategic decision makers.

Collaboration Mode
Seamlessly fine-tune your AI-generated narrative intelligence reports with the power of human context and enhance the relevance, accuracy, and strategic value of your insights.

Mitigation Strategy
Enhance and accelerate decision making with data-driven recommendations tailored for a wide variety of problem sets, use cases and personas.

"RAV3N marks a significant advancement in the application of generative AI intelligence for providing full-telemetry across narrative risk, AI-assisted mitigation, and workflow acceleration. This represents a major leap forward in automated response capabilities that were previously unimaginable just a few years ago. The technology is the culmination of years of R&D and product development on Blackbird's risk engine, which automatically surfaces critical narratives, events, and propagation patterns to generate a detailed and high-fidelity prompt for RAV3N's large language model," said Dr. Naushad UzZaman, CTO of Blackbird.

The RAV3N large language model (LLM) is purpose-built by a team of in-house artificial intelligence engineers with extensive experience in natural language processing and in building generative pre-trained transformer models (GPT). The proprietary RAV3N LLM will be trained for a variety of industry-specific use cases across multiple languages.

Blackbird’s RAV3N Copilot is currently available to a closed group. To join the waiting list, visit

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