Protect your organization from narrative attacks

The World Economic Forum has declared disinformation the #1 global threat in 2024. The best defense against a narrative attack is a strong offense, and the best time to invest is now.

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Organizations that we serve 

BLACKBIRD.AI protects the Global 2000 and national security organizations from narrative attacks

How pricing works

Blackbird.AI’s pricing is based on access to our Narrative Intelligence Platform and multiple tools based on the size and scale of the customer's data needs.

Cost to your organization

Costs depend on the license type and products you select for your team. Our narrative intelligence risk experts can walk you through our solutions, the included features, and the pricing of our offerings.


What can customers expect?

We provide organizations with purpose-built AI-technology-based solutions that redefine how teams detect, measure, gain context, and prioritize narrative risk for critical decision-making. Our solutions detect how these narratives propagate in more than 25 languages by analyzing text, images, and memes across the dark web, social, news, and more, enabling organizations to make strategic decisions faster to a range of attacks in times of crisis.

Benefits our our technology include

Analysis Across the Information Landscape — Blackbird.AI’s Narrative Intelligence Platform analyzes conversational data and maps information flow across networks from social media, the dark web, fringe websites, and news platforms.

AI-powered Narrative Discovery — We observe hundreds of millions of data points to understand the top narratives and group them into nodes of related conversations to examine what is being said and by whom.

Uncover Hidden Threats & Risks — Our AI-based technology creates risk profiles around emergent narrative attacks and scores automated activity, toxicity, generative AI, and risk.

Effective Strategic Decision Making — Rapidly detect harmful narratives with actionable intelligence to respond to and counter messages more confidently and precisely.