Blackbird.AI’s purpose-built multilingual, multimodal RAV3N Risk LLM enables organizations to identify harmful narratives created by misinformation and disinformation through contextual understanding, narrative attack detection, decision support, dynamic data visualization, and counter-narrative recommendations. 

RAV3N Risk LLM is enhanced with intelligence derived from Blackbird.AI’s Constellation Narrative Intelligence Platform to be uniquely effective in meeting the sophisticated requirements of narrative and risk intelligence to protect organizations from narrative attacks that cause financial and reputational harm.

Blackbird.AI’s RAV3N Risk LLM enables organizations to identify threats through:

  • Multilingual, Multimodal LLM: Tailored to discover narrative attacks caused by misinformation and disinformation, this large language model (LLM) excels in detecting financial and reputational risks across multiple languages and platforms.
  • Superior Contextual Understanding: Enhanced by additional information from the Constellation Platform and current events, the RAV3N Risk LLM improves its understanding of context, delivering more accurate and relevant responses.
  • Sophisticated Threat Detection: Particularly useful in cyber security contexts, the system can identify potential cyber risks like cyber attacks, extremist propaganda, and foreign malign influence campaigns.
  • Decision Support for Enterprises: Businesses can use RAV3N Risk LLM to monitor brand narratives, detect emerging trends, and formulate informed responses to potential PR crises.
  • Robust Misinformation Detection: Armed with advanced capabilities, the RAV3N Risk LLM can context-check misinformation, ensuring data integrity across diverse media forms, including social media, images, videos, and audio.
  • Actionable Insights and Recommendations: RAV3N Risk LLM is purpose-built to analyze high-risk narratives, blending the nuances of Blackbird’s Constellation Platform’s risk signals with summarization and narrative risk ranking into an easy-to-read feed.
  • Automated Custom Report Generation: RAV3N Risk LLM helps generate high-fidelity, tailored narrative and risk detection reports that are easy to understand and present to executive teams