Paul Burkard

Director of AI

Paul is a Data Scientist with over 12 years of experience across a diverse array of topics in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Big Data, and general Machine Learning (ML).  He studied physics and mathematics at MIT before pursuing a masters degree concentrated in machine learning, which then became his passion throughout his working career.

Prior to Blackbird.AI, Paul has worked as a data scientist across several different verticals including government intelligence, commercial software, and education.  In those roles the primary focus was in building and deploying machine learning systems at large scale, most commonly with an emphasis on NLP.  While he has specialized expertise in NLP, the first love for the physicist in him is problem solving in any domain.  As a self-described generalist, he most enjoys coming up with creative solutions to novel problem spaces, hence the obvious fit in the new frontier of disinformation science.  At Blackbird, Paul utilizes those skills and mentality to lead the AI team as they navigate their way through the tangled web of online disinformation.