Deception Detection for the Digital Age

Network Analysis

Analyze patterns of interaction with proprietary deep learning methods to identify and visualize threat actors, influence campaigns, coordinated manipulation and bots.

Language Analysis

Surface harmful behavior in any language with our NLP and specialized content analysis engines.

Semantic Matching

Compare a statement’s meaning to extensive databases of known fake claims and social content.

Image Context

Assess embedded images using computer vision to extract and score features and discover content relevance using scene awareness, entity classification, and facial recognition.

Forgery Detection

Identify image manipulation, out of context use, or other anomalies with novel deep learning algorithms.

Deep Fake Analysis

Leverage deep fake analysis to pin-point elements of frame manipulation in video.

Credibility Signals

Evaluate the reliability of sources based on author, funding sources, quality score and other attributes.

Smart Alerts

Customizable granular notifications and early warning alerts allow for rapid mitigation of emergent crises.

Who We Can Help


Support journalists and media organizations with the ability to see drivers of misinformation beneath every story. Enabling unobjective perspectives for responsible reporting.


Identify and counter foreign influence operations and manage disinformation threats effectively using real-time alerts and in-depth analysis reports.


Monitor narratives and disinformation involving all aspects of your organization, and filter through inorganic content to gain genuine insights from your customers.


Identify key threats, prioritize efforts and gain insights into risk exposure across clients and industries. Minimising crisis management situations.


API designed to integrate easily with platforms such as AdTech or News Aggregators, and supporting media research.


Analyze individual pieces of content for misinformation signals in real-time, highlighting the risk and level of credibility across your platform.


Support journalists and media organisations with the ability to see drivers of misinformation beneath every story. Enabling unobjective perspectives for responsible reporting.


The world faces a new type of cold war initiated by threat actors driven by the goal of fracturing democracies through public manipuation. Our technology unmasks and monitors these threat actors giving direction for effective countervailing of manipulative influence operations.


Never have we seen such effective misinformation than in the very political processes thought to uphold democracy. Our tools react at the speed and scale required to help campaigns stay ahead of misinformation assailants targeting their personal lives and policies.


There are significant opportunities to profit from a company’s misfortune. Our tools allow organizations to monitor misinformation narratives that assail an enterprise’s products, services or key personnel.


The misinformation problem is vast and will take a variety of approaches from many organizations to address. We aim to provide organizations with an API allowing powerful access to our technologies through simple integration.


Misinformation has evolved beyond human capacity inundating critical thinkers today with its noise. We combine news aggregation with nutrition-style Credibility Labels to make the world easier to understand by distilling information and providing much-needed context to questionable content.