About Us

Blackbird’s purpose is to enhance decision making and empower the pursuit of information integrity. We believe that disinformation is one of the greatest global threats of our time impacting national security, enterprise businesses and the general public. Our mission is to expose those that seek to manipulate and divide.

Blackbird.AI provides Disinformation Defense and Response to national security and enterprise customers. Our AI Platform empowers organizations to defend and respond to a new class of cyberattacks on human perception and the manipulation mechanisms that drive them.

Our Approach
We realized long ago that digital narratives hold the power to influence perception and consumer behavior. The ubiquity of social networks and lack of moderation became the perfect target for malicious actors.

We set out to overcome the vulnerabilities of the information age, attracted experts from around the world, and created an interdisciplinary team with varied backgrounds. Many of our team members have been exposing harmful actors and protecting the sanctity of information for decades. Our team and approach have allowed us to develop and evolve subject-matter expertise in disinformation detection and mitigation in unique and novel ways. We have spent years of research and development to build a finely-tuned AI platform that offers our clients unparalleled speed, objectivity, and risk assessment.

We combine interdisciplinary human intelligence and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to combat disinformation in revolutionary ways giving organizations the edge over threat actors that seek to sow chaos across the information ecosystem and society.

The sanitization of information is the first step toward making a stand, reigning in the chaos, and restoring a measure of order to build an empowered, critical-thinking society.