Blackbird.AI is building a real-time misinformation analysis platform to help create a more informed and empowered society.

Our growing suite of modular tools and third-party integration platform will aid in giving citizens, organizations and government a more complete picture of misinformation and the narratives they support using transparent, state-of-the-art A.I. technologies and crowdsourcing.

Our experts hail from a variety of disciplines including technology, politics, journalism, government and academia in order to provide our leadership and technology teams with a holistic understanding of the misinformation space.


What’s with the Blackbird?

Why are we “Blackbird”?

Blackbirds are known for their problem-solving and group communication skills. When a blackbird encounters a human that tries to cause them harm, it will teach others in its flock how to identify the assailant. Research shows that blackbirds don’t forget a face and if one of them find that an enemy has harmed or killed a member of their tribe, they will band together and chase the predator for miles.

We thought it befitting.

Meet the Blackbird.AI Team