Blackbird is bringing Information Integrity to the digital media landscape. We help Brands, Governments and the Public see the story behind the story to enable a more authentic information ecosystem.

Our proprietary disinformation analysis platform provides real-time actionable insights for disinformation countermeasures to government agencies, Fortune 500/Global 1000 brands, and citizens. We help preserve brand integrity, trust, and regulatory compliance.

Our team combines a variety of disciplines including artificial intelligence, journalism, national security, behavioral psychology and academic research in order to provide our leadership and technology teams with a complete understanding of the disinformation ecosystem and critical stakeholders. The study of disinformation and methods to operationalize measurement and intention of harmful campaigns is a deeply personal mission for each and every member of our team.

Our technology can detect, identify, and characterize disinformation in a way that no other technology platform can by offering an automated understanding of manipulative narratives and harmful digital media.

We combine best of class interdisciplinary human intelligence and state of the art artificial intelligence to combat disinformation in revoltionary ways to give organizations the edge over threat actors that seek to sow chaos across the information ecosystem and society.

Why “Blackbird”?

Blackbirds are known for their problem-solving and group communication skills. When a blackbird encounters a human that tries to cause them harm, it will teach others in its flock how to identify the assailant. Research shows that blackbirds don’t forget a face and if one of them find that an enemy has harmed a member of their tribe, they will band together and chase the predator for miles.

Meet the Blackbird.AI Team