Global Alliance program

Our Global Alliance Program brings the capabilities of our world-class AI platform to a network of market leaders in communications, data science, social and broadcast intelligence, analytics and risk management to power the next generation of threat assessment and mitigation.

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our partners

Weber Shandwick

Created by global Public Relations firm Weber Shandwick, the Media Security center is designed to help clients navigate a volatile media landscape with solutions that help them understand public perception and threats.

The Media Security Center is powered by Blackbird analyzing narrative spread and platform manipulation. Learn More →


The global leader in media and social intelligence, in partnership with Blackbird will enable brands and organizations to better understand and analyze emerging narratives and potential risks across news and social media.


A Forrester Leader in Social Analytics & Consumer Intelligence provider partnering to extend Misinformation, Disinformation, and Malinformation (MDM) detection and analytics to leading brands and agencies.

Orbis Operations

Orbis delivers forward-leaning solutions to the complex security challenges that face our customers, our nation, and the world. We understand the gravity of today's threats, the magnitude of the challenges we face, and, most importantly, how to achieve mission success. Orbis imparts best-in-class strategies for identifying and mitigating disinformation campaigns, and delivers the analytic capacity, technical training, and intelligence mindset necessary to stay ahead of malign actors who seek to undermine vital institutions and national aspirations.


DarkOwl provides a vast database of darknet data, collecting and indexing content from the darknet, deep web, and high-risk surface net using machine learning and human analysis. Our platform allows customers to safely query changing darknet site information in near real-time, facilitating risk identification and informed decision-making without direct darknet access.

Two Six Technologies

TwoSix is a high-growth technology company dedicated to providing products and expertise to national security customers, solving complex technical challenges in five areas that are key to national security missions: cyber, information operations, electronic systems, analytics, and secure solutions.

Carahsoft Technology Corp

The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, supporting Public Sector organizations across Federal, State, and Local Government agencies and Education and Healthcare markets. As the Master Government Aggregator®, Carahsoft is looking forward to supporting Blackbird.AI’s growth within the US Government as well as at the State and Local levels.


The leading broadcast intelligence platform, brings the first MDM discovery to the world of TV, Radio, and Broadcast Monitoring.


A leading consumer and marketing insights solution providing foresight into business's most important questions. Bespoke Data science and predictive analytics.


Nisos is The Managed Intelligence Company™. Our analyst-led intel investigations, assessments, and monitoring services empower your security, intelligence, and trust and safety teams. We provide accurate, customized intelligence that guides your security and risk decisions - protecting your organization, assets and people against advanced cyberattacks, disinformation and abuse of digital platforms.

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Blackbird partners with the world’s best data, analytics and risk management partners to provide our customers with the most innovative technology available. If you would like to discuss an alliance with Blackbird, please fill out the form.



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