Blackbird Constellation Engine

Precision intelligence for
pre-emptive threat management

Stay on top of the story with our proprietary AI algorithms that show you exactly what requires your attention and when. Our technology helps you look far beyond traditional indicators such as volume, engagement, and sentiment to understand the nuances of emerging threats. This enables critical decision-making to deploy countermeasures and thwart disinformation attacks before they do serious damage.

Our AI-powered Constellation Engine tackles key challenges of disinformation including rapid detection of harmful emergent conversations, surges in risk and narrative intelligence. We explore neural nets, network topologies and natural language processing, to identify unique threat signals from deep networks, monitoring large volumes of content and uncovering unique user behavior patterns to gain precision intelligence enabling a new avenue of pre-emptive threat management.

Narrative Detection

Get Ahead of the Story
Understanding risk in the never-ending stream of online chatter requires the capability to surface notable high-risk conversations that could negatively impact your organization.


Our Automated AI driven narrative detection allows your team to see the narratives you need to focus on first so you can get ahead of potential threats and take back control of your story.


Manipulation Alerts At-hand
Real-time alerts on emerging manipulation attacks,
monitored 24/7, across key channels


Structured Bulk Monitoring
Intelligent summaries of millions of monitored content
pieces, structured as projects by topics


Context-driven Prioritized Insights
Prioritize focus on insights from new narratives,
communities, cohorts and influencers related to your


Threat Landscape Measurement
Understand severity of evolution of key threats through
in-depth intelligence measuring the Blackbird Risk
Index TM (BRI)


De-escalate with Effective Threat Response
React decisively to threats with dissemination of
automated contextual reports, to key stakeholders and
take control of your narrative before it escalates to a crisis

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