Blackbird.AI is a team of founders, engineers and industry professionals with an aligned interest around fighting disinformation globally.

Wasim Khaled

Wasim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Blackbird.AI and brings with him a lifetime of entrepreneurial acumen combined with a background in computer science and human-interface design. For the past five years he been deeply entrenched with the disinformation analysis and OSINT community and has studied, psychological operations, propaganda AI methodologies and defense applications. Wasim has consulted and advised government agencies and companies around the world on the dangers and countermeasures of the escalating information warfare arms race. Prior to Blackbird, Wasim founded LuxMobile, an Inc. 500 Company, earned the distinction of Inc. 500’s Asian Entrepreneur of the Year and has built businesses with Fortune 500 clients across e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, fashion and adtech.

CEO / Co-Founder
CTO / Co-Founder
Dr. Naushad UzZaman

Naushad UzZaman, PhD, is the CTO and Co-Founder of Blackbird.AI. Naushad attended the University of Rochester, where he received his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). Prior to that received the Vice Chancellor’s Gold Medal during his undergraduate studies at BRAC University.

Naushad has an extensive academic and industrial background representing innovative accomplishments in the area of Artificial Intelligence. He authored more than thirty peer-reviewed scientific papers and worked in the research divisions of renowned companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo! Research, Nuance, and Bosch. Naushad’s key areas of focus are in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data Analysis, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing/Understanding, Social Media Text Analysis, Information Extraction, Temporal Information Processing, Dialog Assistant, and Medical NLP. Naushad participated in the first IBM Watson Hackathon in NYC and won first place.

Head of Engineering
Dr. John Wissinger

Dr. Wissinger has over 25 years of experience in corporate engineering management with high tech enterprises, spanning hardware, software, and data intensive products. John has has expertise in AI, machine learning, computer vision, probabilistic modeling, and optimization. He has led numerous R&D programs for DARPA and the services. John received his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. Most recently he founded a Boston-based venture (Prism Informatix) developing software systems that embody distributed artificial intelligence designed to learn from dispersed data, without the need for centralization, and self-organize into a virtual network system to make predictions.

Executive Director for Corporate Development
Andy Bair

Andy brings a unique background to Blackbird.AI that combines 30 years of government service with investment and risk management. Andy spent the first half of his career in senior positions in the State Department, the United Nations, and the U.S. national security community, and the second half of his career in private equity, venture capital, and corporate development. Andy has successfully run two startups, and he previously worked with Torch Hill Investment Partners where he served as an operating partner and CEO of one of the portfolio companies.

Government Liaison
Michael Hermus

Former Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, from June 2015 to March 2018. As DHS’s CTO, drove innovation and transformation initiatives through the application of technology, design, and data. Led efforts to enhance cyber-security, leverage emerging technologies, adopt modern development techniques and practices, and drive continuous improvement.

Prior to DHS, served as Chief Product & Technology Officer of House Party, Inc., a social marketing platform that leverages data and open source technology to build brands and drive sales. Previously, was CTO at FirstCarbon Solutions, directing product design, development and operations for the company’s large suite of sustainability software. Prior to that, co-founded two software companies, Enverity Corp. and MarketXT, Inc., serving as Chief Technology Officer.

Managing Director, APAC Region
Brice Chambraud

Brice is responsible for the commercial development of Blackbird.AI’s solutions across the APAC region. As an entrepreneur and advisor, Brice brings a wealth of cross-functional experience and network that has enabled him to help scale several businesses throughout his career.

Working with multiple stakeholders in Asia, Brice strives towards delivering effective scalable solutions in disinformation cyber defense, along with raising awareness on disinformation threats.

Prior to his role at Blackbird.AI, Brice was involved with startups from multiple sectors. During his time as an Equity Specialist at Bloomberg, Brice explored the effects that news had on different markets, which is where he developed a strong interest for SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.

Brice graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Business.

Principal Data Scientist
Paul Burkard

Paul is a Data Scientist with nine years of experience across a diverse array of topics in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Big Data, and general Machine Learning (ML). He arrives by way of physics, having received his BS in physics and mathematics from MIT, followed by an MS focused in ML from George Mason.

While working for a government contractor he spent several years implementing NLP systems at groundbreaking scale. He followed that by applying ML algorithms on “big data” for business analytics at a software company. Most recently, he was a data science bootcamp instructor where he taught two 3-month bootcamps per year and worked as an in-house data scientist the remainder of the time.

Machine Learning Engineer
Vanya Cohen

Vanya Cohen, MSc, is a graduate of Brown University. He brings research and industry experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV), and Machine Learning (ML). He is passionate about helping machines understand language and communicate naturally with users. As a researcher, Vanya worked on leveraging external common-sense knowledge in language understanding. Other past research projects include replicating and open-sourcing OpenAI’s GPT-2 billion-parameter language model, using petaflop scale cloud compute; and teaching robots to identify objects based on natural language descriptions.

Business Development & Marketing
Johnny Lam

Johnny is a business and product development specialist as well as a serial entrepreneur. He is is a product owner, strategist, and team leader with a deep history in building and growing successful businesses in information technology, diamond trading, brand management, ad-tech, and nano-materials science.  Johnny previously founded Evatrade and Evamobile, the manufacturing arm of LUXMOBILE an Inc. 500 Company, focusing primarily on product and business development in the APAC region. He then co-founded a mobile ads platform which was eventually acquired by a telecom company.

Principal Research Scientist
Dr. Abul Hasnat

Dr. Hasnat has over 10 years of academic and industry experience with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. With a Ph.D. in Image, Vision, and Signal technologies from the Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne, he specializes in machine learning technology, as well as image processing and computer vision. He also has extensive experience with pattern analysis and recognition.

Throughout his career, Dr. Hasnat has worked on projects related to face biometrics and authentication with deep neural networks, 3D image analysis, document image analysis and recognition, and other technologies. He has developed advanced systems for face recognition, dynamic time series data, intelligent transportation, and much more.

At Blackbird.AI, Dr. Hasnat focuses on the deep learning models for detection of fake images and other digital media.

Sr. Intelligence Analyst
Chris Clark

For over 12 years, Chris has assisted the Fortune 500 sensitive cyber security issues utilizing open source information and proprietary software to probe and fix weaknesses. His areas of expertise include physical threats to executives and/or facilities, protests, information security vulnerabilities, online fraud, and other disruptive activity. He has focused on conducting threat assessments, industry trends, and other “deep dives” into Internet based information. Throughout his tenure, Chris has conducted hundreds of investigations including over 100 executive online assessments.

Chris is a Certified New York State Firefighter. Chris holds a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Buffalo and a Master’s Degree in Intelligence Studies from Mercyhurst University.

Data Scientist
Seth Adams

Seth is a Data Scientist with a background in Mechatronics. Having done his undergrad in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, his main areas of interest include computer vision and signal processing. Having worked on research and development of medical devices, he has built computer vision systems using infrared cameras to study human respiration, and developed neural networks to track drug withdrawal symptoms.

Head of Media Relations
Brooke Greenwald

Brooke Greenwald founded Cornerstone Communications, LTD over a decade ago.  As an award-winning public relations, marketing and communications professional, Ms. Greenwald has written for hundreds of publications, created content for many of today’s most recognizable companies and their brands, managed full marketing campaigns, created and implemented major public relations and communications campaigns, and worked for some of the largest news organizations in existence today. She has focused her career on government, technology, security, and communications.  Greenwald is a former journalist and has worked inside most of the major news networks. Ms. Greenwald holds a master’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Maryland at College Park. 

Dr. Terry Guaditis

Dr. Gudaitis founded Mindstar Security & Profiling in 2013. Prior to forming her own firm, Terry was the Vice President and Cyber Intelligence Director at Cyveillance, responsible for operations and management of the security/intelligence delivery organization. Before joining Cyveillance, Terry also held senior positions at SAIC, Psynapse Technologies LLC and Global Integrity Corporation. Before focusing on the commercial sector, Terry was an operations officer and behavioral profiler at the Central Intelligence Agency (Counter Terrorist Center).

In addition to her corporate related work, Terry is on the Board of MetaIntell, has served on the United States Secret Service Advisory Board; trained investigators at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and regularly presents at national and international conferences. Dr. Gudaitis is also the Director of the Intelligence Analysis Program in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University.

Dr. Gudaitis holds holds a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Binghamton, a Master’s Degree and PhD in Forensic Psychology from University of Florida and is a published author in the fields of digital decpetion and psychological operation.

Brent Granado

Brent Granado is an entrepreneur, accomplished executive and strategic advisor with a successful history in venture capital and M&A transactions. Brent is a Founding Partner at Sway VC. Brent has successfully demonstrated his innate ability to assist companies by strategically leveraging the greatest value out of their intellectual property and capital.

Having held titles including Managing Director, COO and SVP Corporate Development, Brent has served as a trusted executive and advisor to a variety of companies in industries ranging from technology, healthcare-IT, finance, social media and consumer products. As an executive, private equity Managing Director, General Partner, attorney and management consultant, Brent has spent his career working with startups, growth equity and middle market stage companies. With an extensive knowledge in global markets, he has played an instrumental role in countless M&A transactions and venture investments worldwide.

Tommy Wang

Tommy Wang exemplifies over fifteen years of expertise in executing business strategy, corporate finance solutions and structuring complex deals. His expertise in international commerce has made him a trusted and respected business advisor.

He started his career by founding iventureLab, at Carnegie Mellon University. He grew the company to over 150 employees in under two years. Tommy’s business proficiency found him as a board member and consultant to over 50 startup businesses looking to emulate and capitalize on his proven success.

Tommy earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Computer Engineering graduating summa cum laude and a Master’s Degree in MISM (Masters in Information Systems Management) also from Carnegie Mellon University and was the first student in CMU history to complete an undergraduate and masters program in only three years.