Dr. Naushad UzZaman

CTO / Co-Founder

Naushad UzZaman holds a PhD along with two decades of experience in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. His applied expertise in both academic research and social enterprise comes from time spent at leading firms such as Nuance, Microsoft, Yahoo and Bosch - and now at Blackbird.AI. He leads a team of highly-skilled experts, analysts and data scientists who discover emergent threats to get ahead of real-world harm.

UzZaman is responsible for the development of Blackbird’s Risk Intelligence Platform, and along with his team, have built a unique series of scalable AI and network analysis modules which detect rare risk signals of threats. The real-time AI powered narrative detection and risk intelligence platform is used by leading enterprises, Fortune 500’s and large government organizations, globally. Naushad brings a rare combination of foundational knowledge and technical expertise to a mission-driven enterprise committed to this problem set.