Defending Digital Authenticity

Your narrative doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Unplanned communication and manipulation can blur the lines between what you represent and how you’re perceived. Blackbird uncovers hidden forces that can corrupt your message from information disorder.

Deception Detection

Blackbird’s AI platform protects the online integrity of organizations on a mission. Whether you’re a business building your brand or a government body serving the public, you deserve to have your story heard - accurately.


Everything Matters!
Organizations get overwhelmed by trying to combat every potential risk.

Responses are Siloed
Linear threat handling

Risk Reactive
Action is taken as a response to risk after it surfaces.


Intelligent Triage
Determine which voices matter and which voices don’t. Save resources.

Responses are Relational
Threats are addressed systemically. Get at their roots and networks to stop them from reoccurring.

Proactive Protection
Signals of information disorder are detected early, before they have a chance to impact your brand.

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